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Monday, July 19, 2021
Note to Bidders - For any bid or RFP document and any addenda that are received electronically, it is the responsibility of every bidder who receives this bid or RFP and all associated documents to check this website for any addenda. The Town of Rutland accepts no liability to provide accommodation to bidders who submit a response based upon information obtained from its website. Bidders may not alter (manually or electronically) the bid language or any bid documents. Unauthorized modifications to the body of the bid, specifications, terms or conditions, which change the intent of this bid or RFP are prohibited and will disqualify a response.

Bid Number



Hubbardston Public Safety Communications Tower



Open Date

July 19, 2021

Closed Date

August 20, 2021


**** ADDENDUM #1 (Bidder Questions) has been added to the list below **** - 08-04-2021


Scope: Construct a 180ft free-standing radio tower & 10X10 communications structure adjacent to the tower.

Standard Form(s)

Bid Form(s)

Plan Holder(s)

August 25, 2021  - Elevated Consulting

Bid Results


Elevated Consulting

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