The Rutland Regional Dispatch Center (RRECC) is located in Rutland, Massachusetts. We are a Regional Emergency Communication Center or RECC, which is a center that provides enhanced 911 services, police, fire protection, and emergency medical services. The RECC is the first point of reception of a 911 call.

The RECC is also a Wireless 911 PSAP which answers approximately    calls for a population of 24,596.

We provide all these services to the following communities: Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham, Rutland, and Warren.

Department Mission Statement

To ensure prompt emergency service for the citizens of RRECC Coverage Area, Rutland RECC strives to provide effective public safety services through the appropriate dispatch of fire, police, and medical units with the least possible delay.

Rutland RECC employees will adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and morality in every action between and with the citizens we serve, and fellow co-workers.

RRECC Employees

All Dispatchers with the RRECC are proficient in the use of the IMC CAD system and are certified in E911, Leaps/NCIC, CPR, EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatching), and APCO Basic Telecommunications. Dispatchers have a firm Knowledge of the communities supported by RRECC, and all public services, both emergency and non-emergency, employed by each. RRECC strives to be a team-oriented work center, with all dispatchers operating proficiently and professionally. All employees are expected to further their education and skills, by attending in-house and approved vendor continuing education training