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Please complete the appropriate records request form below and email it to

Public Records Request Form is for public and citizen use only.

Official Records Request Form is for official use only. Public Safety Departments, district attorneys, etc.

The Massachusetts Public Records Law, found at Chapter 66, Section 10 of the Massachusetts General Laws, applies to records made or received by a Massachusetts governmental entity. Unless the requested records fall under an exemption to the Law, the responsive documents must be made available to the requester. A list of exemptions may be found at Chapter 4, Section 7(26) of the Massachusetts General Laws.
While requests for records may be made verbally, in person, it is preferable to make the request in writing to reduce confusion. A copy of the written request is required to file an appeal with the Supervisor of Records. Anyone may request records directly from the records custodian. The Law does not require any specific format for making a request, but the form below is helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a call?
Calls should be requested using the appropriate records request form located above. Police Departments, Fire Departments, and the District Attorney's office should use the "Official" form. All others should use the "Public" form.

How long will it take to process my request?
The RRECC typically processes all requests within ten (10) business days. RRECC will notify you if it will take more than ten (10) days to processs. If your request is urgent, please contact us and indicate an emergency request. 

What information does the request need to include?
The request should be filled out with as much information as you can possibly provide. The date of occurrence, approximate time, approximate location, and nature of the call is necessary for us to process your request. The caller's phone number is not necessary to fulfill the request, but if known, providing the phone number will further assist us in locating the call. Without these critical pieces of information, they may be unable to locate the call.

What is RRECC's coverage area?
We handle all 911 wireless calls for Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham, Rutland, and Warren. Additionally, we take all 911 Landline calls for Barre, Hubbardston, Oakham, Rutland, and Warren. Due to call routing based on current technological limitations, it is possible for us to occasionally receive calls from beyond our service area. Adversely, it is possible for other agencies to occasionally receive calls in the same service area.

I’ve received a portion of a recording from RRECC, why wasn't the entire call sent?

If you are requesting a 911 wireless call that our agency processed and transferred to the appropriate agency, RRECC would only have its portion of the call. The remainder of the call would need to be requested from the agency that the call was transferred to.

I need additional information on a call RRECC sent me.
Under certain circumstances, RRECC may be able to provide the telephone number of the calling party, the name of the telecommunicator who answered the call, a copy of the call log, etc. This information may be restricted in certain circumstances absent a subpoena or other court order. If this applies to your request we will notify you and indicate the reason(s) we are unable to release the information.

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